A movie stored on his computer but you was never able to play the movie in any player including VLC player.

DivFixv030Perspective thumb - Repair Corrupted AVI Movie Files With DivFix++

DivFix++ is a FREE widows utility which lets you repair corrupted files and you can also preview parts of the movie files which you download and combine them to form the final movie file.

Letís see how can fix or repair the corrupted avi files on your computer.


DivFix++ is a easy program to use with friendly user interface and with drag and drop functionality integrated, so can simple drag and drop the AVI files which you want to repair.

You can fix a list of corrupted AVI files in one go as the program supports a list more than one avi file to be repaired in one run. Drag and drop all the AVI files you want repair, select them all in the list and press Fix button at the bottom of the interface of DivFix++.

Note: DivFix++ is available for all there major OS Linux, MAC and Windows

Download DivFix++ For Windows | Download DivFix++ For Linux | Download DivFix++ For MAC