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Thread: Jomtris - Play Tetris On Your Symbain Phone

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    i - Jomtris - Play Tetris On Your Symbain Phone

    Jomtris is a freeware Symbian mobile game which is a variant of Tetris. Now I don’t think so that there is any need to explain about Tetris, but for all those non gamers, Tetris is a game developed in Moscow. Tetris is one of the most popular games ever built and it is manifested by the fact that the game is available for all the gaming consoles and operating systems.

    jomtris1 225x300 - Jomtris - Play Tetris On Your Symbain Phone

    Whats astonishing about the popularity of the game is that it is not only available for operating systems but it is also available in graphing calculators, mobile phones, portable media players, PDAs. Whats different in Jomtris from the conventional tetris is its festival background and the controls of the game are all same

    What you need to know here is that, you need to have python installed in your phone to get this game running properly on your phone. It is preferred that you have installed python in the phone memory and take care that you are also installing the game in the same memory, phone memory or memory card.

    jomtris04 300x130 - Jomtris - Play Tetris On Your Symbain Phone

    Another thing I do not like about the game is that the game is designed to work only in the portrait mode and you cannot change the game view. The game is programmed to work only in 240×320 resolution.

    System requirements:
    • The mobile phone should have python installed.
    • The game is best supported on the Symbian s60 3th edition mobile phones.
    The Xmas edition of Jomtris was however released a bit late than it should have been due to some technical failure and some hardware support problems but the developer ensured that the game was released before New Year. You can get free version of Jomtris from the link given below.

    Download Jomtris Xmas Edition
    Download Jomtris Classic Edition

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    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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