LAHORE: Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC) is facing severe financial difficulties due to indifferent approach of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the management of the council is considering to abolish the team, the two-time world champion.

Chairman PBCC Agha Shaukat Ali while talking with Geo News here on Wednesday, said that the annual budget of the council is Rs23.1 million but the PCB suspended the budget on October 14 after the council had received Rs5.8 million in instalments from the board.

However, the PCB said that the budget would be reduced due to financial crisis. But afterwards, the board did not cut the budget nor it discussed this with the officials of the council.

Due to suspension of the budget, honorariums of the world champion players, scholarships and staff salaries have been stopped and development work has also been discontinued.

The council has to settle loans of Rs2.5 million at the moment.

The PBCC chairman said that on one hand the budget of the two-time world champions is suspended but on the other hand financial assistance to all other teams including the women’s cricket team continues.

Agha Shaukat Ali said that if such indifferent attitude continues then we have to abolish the council.