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    candel Monikker - Make Dialed and Received Calls More col

    Monikker is used to make the calls dialed and received by you more colorful and put a face on every call. Monikker can be made to function in two ways:
    You change the way in which your calls are announced to other Monikker users.
    You can change the way in which you receive the calls from other Monikker users.
    monikker s60 - Monikker - Make Dialed and Received Calls More col

    To join Monikker:
    Go to monikker - your face your call and click on join now.
    Select your phone manufacturer and model number and click on go.
    Register with your mobile number.
    Enter the keyword received on your mobile phone.
    Finalize your registration and select a screen name.
    Download and install Monikker.

    Now once you have registered sign in and change the image and sound to the one you like from the different galleries available. You can choose from different categories and also play the demo. To select the one you like click on the Globe Icon.
    Globe Icon is used for outgoing calls. (World Monikker)
    Mobile Icon is used for incoming calls. (Phone Monikker)

    You can also select the sound and image via a sms. To change message the unique id of multimedia ringtone to +61 400 999925.
    Now when you call a friend who is also using Monikker he/she will see and hear the sound and image you have selected. You can use different styles for different people for example family, friend and business .You can assign style for people that do not use Monikker. When you receive a phone call from a Monikker user you will see and hear the image and sound selected in the phone Monikker.Overall it is a very cool application. Enjoy making calls in a new way with this application.

    Download Monikker

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    Default Re: Monikker - Make Dialed and Received Calls More

    Thanks for shairng
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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