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Thread: My Rail Lite - Know About Train Schedule in UK

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    candel My Rail Lite - Know About Train Schedule in UK

    My Rail Lite is an iphone application. The application is an excellent one for the people who use trains to commute from home to work and vice versa. The application covers whole of London and parts of UK, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. People outside this region cannot use the application. This application allows to search for different trains, their arrival time and their departure time. The timings provided to you are up do take.

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    The key features of the application are:
    It asks you for your current location. Then it shows you the closest stations from you current location.
    The process of data retrieval is very fast.
    It also shows you the trains departing from the stations with the time of departure and the platform from which it will be leaving.
    If you use a station frequently, that can be marked as a favorite.
    When you select a train from the list it shows you all the stops at which the train will be stopping .it also shows you the times when the train reaches there and for how long it stops at a station.
    It also shows you the delay in train arrival if any.

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    However, there is one drawback, which may be removed in future versions. It can find details of all the trains departing from a station but it cannot find the departure time of trains to a station.

    Overall, this is an excellent and a useful application. It allows people to manage their travel schedule sitting at home. It helps people to utilize time better. It allows saves the people from the hurry of reaching the station quickly. When people know the time, it allows them to travel accordingly.

    Download My Rail Lite

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    Default Re: My Rail Lite - Know About Train Schedule in UK

    Thanks for shairng
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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