Tough Competition

It’s being said that there's going to be a tough fight between Mukesh Bhatt's Raaz 2 and Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion. An insider says that the Bhatts want to release Raaz 2 before Fashion. And the reason is none other than the pretty Kangana Ranaut who strangely plays a supermodel in both the films. “The reason the Bhatts want their film to be released first is because in Fashion she dies at the end and in Raaz 2 she is playing a ghost. So if Raaz 2 is released first, it will look a little strange to see her dying again in Fashion,” says a source. Fashion which was supposed to have a May release has been postponed, as it's getting difficult to get Priyanka Chopra's dates. Looks like the Bhatts' dream might just come true