Dance Lessons

Sophie Choudry has a new passion! No, the actress is not involved in a relationship, she's happy with her single status. She is just pursuing a passion that caught her fancy years ago in London. Sophie is learning Salsa. And her master is none other than Kaytee, the Salsa guru! "I was so fascinated by Salsa that I watched every film that had that dance form in it. I watched the film Salsa many times," says Sophie. Ironically, Sophie learnt Bharatnatyam in London and is learning Salsa in Mumbai. "It should be other way round, but I was destined to learn Salsa here," she says. Sophie did a lot of research before learning the dance form. She adds, "Salsa has taken various forms in various countries. Puerto Rico is the place from where the dance originated. And I am learning the art that was practiced originally. If you do a Salsa socially, the dance form comes across to be fun and flirtatious. It is a great way to work out too." Sophie has reached the intermediate level in two months. Good going, girl!l