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Thread: Weather Bug - Live Weather Feeds On Your iPhone

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    snow Weather Bug - Live Weather Feeds On Your iPhone

    Weather Bug is an iPhone application. Weather Bug provides you with live weather feeds on you iPhone and iPod touch. You can have updated weather conditions of a location. This iphone application allows you to plan your activities for the day depending on the weather. The application has been developed to work only with iPhone and iPod touch. It shows you the temperature, wind speed etc. Weather Bug provides you with weather updates for more than 45000 locations.

    new picture2 206x300 - Weather Bug - Live Weather Feeds On Your iPhone

    The key features of the application are:
    • It is a lightweight application and does not use large resources.
    • It provide fast weather reports.
    • It provides you with the highest and the lowest temperature during the day, the current temperature in Fahrenheit’s and the rain in inches. The unit for temperature can also be changed to Celsius.
    • It also gives you the wind speed and wind direction.
    • It can also make weather forecast for the future days.

    • It also gives you the humidity and dew point.
    • It also forecasts whether the weather will be sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy etc.
    • It also has options for radar, video and live camera views of the weather.
    • With the help of radar, you can see different regions with cloud cover or snow cover. Radar makes use of Google maps.
    • It stores the location for which you last received weather updates.

    It is a freeware and the application can be downloaded free of costs from Apple iTunes app store. The download link for the application is given below

    Note: It requires Mac operating system version 10.4 or future versions.

    Overall, it is a good application keeping you up to date with live weather updates from all over the world. It also shows you live pictures and videos from weather stations.

    Download Weather Bug

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    Default Re: Weather Bug - Live Weather Feeds On Your iPhon

    Thanks for shairng
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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