i - Fix - C:\recycled\boot.com is not a valid Win32 ap


A problem that whenever you tries to open C:\ he always see the error message and cannot open the drive.
C:\recycled\boot.com is not a valid Win32 application
notavalidWin32application3 thumb - Fix - C:\recycled\boot.com is not a valid Win32 ap

This error comes due to the remaining virus autorun.inf files on the drive, this error occurs because the autorun.inf file does not find virus file boot.com at C:\recycled path to execute. As a result of this error the drive does not open but you can open the drive by right clicking on the drive letter and select Explore.

This problem may happen with your pen drive as well as any other windows drive also, but you can easily fix it following the methods given below.


The main cause behind this problem is the remaining autorun.inf files which are there in the root directory of the infected drive so you just need to delete the files form there.

There are many methods to remove the suspicious autorun.inf files the first one is through a tool called Flash Disinfector and second method involves the manual method of removing the autorun.inf files, third one is also a very easy to use tool.

Method 1- Flash Disinfector

Flash Disinfector is one of the amazing free tool for removing the suspicious autorun.inf files which very easy to use, you can read the full review of Flash Disinfector here

Download Flash Disinfector

Method 2 - Manual Removal

1. Open My Computer and Go to File Menu >> Tools >> Folder Options and click the View tab

2. Scroll down and locate the setting to show hidden files and folders and check it.

3. Now open all drive by right clicking in the drive letter and select explore to open and delete all the autorun.inf files found.

Method 3 - Autorun Eater

This is a very nice and effective tool to remove autorun files from your drives. Read how to use Autorun Eater here.