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Thread: Theme DIY for S60 3rd Edition

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    i - Theme DIY for S60 3rd Edition

    Most of the users wish to give a different and unique look to their mobile phone by changing the themes and they spend a good amount in searching for the best combination of colours and images. The world of themes for the Symbian mobile phones is infinite so it becomes very easy to get lost in it.

    2 300x225 - Theme DIY for S60 3rd Edition
    Well most of the Symbian series 60 3rd edition phones have inbuilt themes application but they do not provide the features requisite to make a perfect blend which can completely portray your taste. So for this purpose Theme DIY is designed by a company called Zensis. With Theme DIY you can edit S60 themes right on your mobile phone without even the need of transferring them to your pc and then editing them.

    3 300x225 - Theme DIY for S60 3rd Edition

    Options available with Theme DIY for S60 3rd Edition:

    Theme Templates: theme DIY for Symbian mobile phones provide 6 pre defined templates which you can choose as the base to build your own theme but take care that you cannot edit the templates.

    Background image: you can change the theme image which appears as the home page of the theme but the image you want to put as the home page image must be located in the phone memory.

    Special Effects: with this menu item you can change the brightness, contrast or blur the home page screen when you access the main menu.

    Music Player: this feature is really helpful for all those who are greatly fond of music. They can change the wallpaper of the music player which can bring a new look to the music player.

    Ringtone: the best part of Theme DIY for S60 3rd edition mobile phones is that you can also add or remove ringtones from a theme. This means that you can bind a ringtone to any theme and save them as a package.

    Download *Theme DIY for S60 3rd Edition

    p76IJuUbqiU - Theme DIY for S60 3rd Edition

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    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
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