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Thread: Handy Taskman - Task Manager For Nokia Symbian Pho

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    candel Handy Taskman - Task Manager For Nokia Symbian Pho

    i - Handy Taskman - Task Manager For Nokia Symbian Pho

    Handy Taskman, you might have guessed the use of this application from its name. It’s actually a Symbian application which comes in handy for all those low RAM mobile phones such as E70. When the number of applications increase, the response becomes slow and the worst affected are the users of mobile phones such as E70 which supports all the heavy application but do not have the resources to keep upto the task.

    211 253x300 - Handy Taskman - Task Manager For Nokia Symbian Pho

    Features of Handy Taskman:

    • Handy Taskman shows all the currently running applications in the form of a list, and whats good is that you can also switch between the applications quite easily and force shutdown on the other unwanted applications.
    • Moreover, it also has a search engine which lets you search through all the installed applications by keying in their name.
    • It also stores a list which contains the names of the last 20 applications used by you.
    • The application also has feature which display the basic information about the phone’s RAM and other system drives.
    Despite some really useful features, there are some things it lacks also, which according to me are:
    • It should also have the feature which displays the amount of the memory being used by each currently running program.
    • The most required feature of quick RAM clean up also seems to missing.
    • Another thing is that you cannot decide the location of installation of the application; this means that you cannot change the installation location to memory card.

    38 253x300 - Handy Taskman - Task Manager For Nokia Symbian Pho

    With all the goods of the application, the bads are also inevitable. But as a matter of fact, this tiny little application is seriously recommended for all the low RAM mobile phone users.

    Supported platforms: Series 60, Series 80, S60 3rd Edition

    Download Handy Taskman

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    Default Re: Handy Taskman - Task Manager For Nokia Symbian

    v nice
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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