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Thread: Indonesia is ready to host football World Cup

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    Default Indonesia is ready to host football World Cup

    JAKARTA: Indonesia has thrown its hat into the ring to host the World Cup in 2018 or 2022, an official said Thursday.

    The Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) chairman of foreign relations Dali Taher said a formal letter of intention had been sent to the sport's governing body FIFA.

    "Hosting the World Cup will have a positive impact on Indonesian football and the country," he said, one day after Indonesia and Australia ground out a hapless 0-0 draw in a 2011 Asian Cup qualifier here.

    FIFA, the international football association, requires a hosting country to have 12 stadiums. One stadium should have the capacity for at least 80,000 fans and the rest should hold 40,000, he said.

    "Indonesia has four or five stadiums that could be easily upgraded. And 10 years should be enough for us to build the rest of the stadiums," Taher said.

    The site of the 2007 Asian Cup final, the Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, has a capacity of 80,000.

    Indonesia faces stiff competition from rivals including Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands, China, England, Japan, Mexico, Portugal and Spain, Qatar and Russia.

    African countries are precluded from bidding for the 2018 tournament as the next World Cup, in 2010, will be staged in South Africa.

    Latin American countries are ruled out of competition for both 2018 and 2022 as Brazil is to host the 2014 version.

    The region which provides the host in 2018 will be excluded from consideration for 2022.

    Countries which notify FIFA of their intent to bid have until December 2009 to submit detailed applications.

    Indonesia's football team currently ranks 144th in the world.

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    Default Re: Indonesia is ready to host football World Cup


    cricket se zada mujhe yeh dekhne ka maza ata hai

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