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Thread: SkyeQuiKey-Search On Symbian Mobile

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    candel SkyeQuiKey-Search On Symbian Mobile

    i - SkyeQuiKey-Search On Symbian Mobile

    SkyeQuiKey is a Symbian based mobile application which actually provides a quick way to search anything in your mobile phone, from the contact you want to dial to the application you want to run. How it works is very simple, it get integrated very well with the S60 3rd Edition active standby screen, this means that the standby screen now will show the contacts list and its new way of searching the contacts is also very innovative, though of very little use or infact useless as I see it.

    213 225x300 - SkyeQuiKey-Search On Symbian Mobile

    Features of SkyeQuiKey:

    310 225x300 - SkyeQuiKey-Search On Symbian Mobile45 225x300 - SkyeQuiKey-Search On Symbian Mobile

    • Suppose you want to find the name DAVE in all your contacts, with SkyeQuiKey installed in your mobile phone, you just need to key in the numeric equivalent of DAVE which turns out to be “3283” and the list of all the contact which have “DAVE” in them will be displayed.
    • Suppose you want to open opera mini browser, for this you will have to key in only “673” which is equivalent to “ope”. The application starts finding the appropriate match as you type.
    • Under the options menu of the SkyeQuiKey, you have the option of enabling or disabling SkyeQuiKey.
    • You can also set the format in you want the names to be displayed, which means first name first or the last name first.
    • Not only this but you can also customize the actions you want to perform with the left and the right navigation keys when SkyeQuiKey is enabled.
    SkyeQuiKey was compared with the built in navigator of the nokia N95 when it was recorded the time and the number of keystrokes required to find DAVE. The test results showed that SkyeQuiKey took half second and 4 key strokes whereas nokia N95 took 10 key strokes and 6 seconds.

    Supported platforms: S60 3rd Edition

    Download SkyeQuiKey

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    Default Re: SkyeQuiKey-Search On Symbian Mobile

    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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