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Thread: Rapid Reader - Speed Up Reading On Mobile Phone

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    candel Rapid Reader - Speed Up Reading On Mobile Phone

    i - Rapid Reader - Speed Up Reading On Mobile Phone

    Rapid Reader is a Symbian mobile application which actually exploits the ability of the human brain to read faster and concentrate more when words appear on the screen in a certain pattern. From paper, we can read upto 200 words per minute but courtesy the research done by the people at SoftOlogy, we can now read upto 800 words per minute from the screens of your mobile phone.

    2 300x225 - Rapid Reader - Speed Up Reading On Mobile Phone

    Features of Rapid Reader:

    • The application seems really nice, right from the word go. on the very screen you are provided with options from where to start your reading and these include:
    Native Rapid Reader Documents
    Word Documents
    Text Files
    SMS Messages
    Clipboard Contents

    • To start reading, you just need to press space and when you feel like pausing, press space again. All the cursor keys perform the same usual function of navigation through the document.
    • It also provide a continuous reading mode in which you can increase or decrease the rate at which the words appear in steps of 25wpm until you find a speed which is good for you.
    • The thing that I liked most about Rapid Reader is that you can pause on the page on which you want to add notes or bookmark the page. I really liked this way but the thing that is a little bit annoying is that you need to remember the note numbers which are named like n001, n002 and so on.

    Another annoying thing is the stars that are a part of display screen of the application. One thing I must say, this tool works and works really great. You might also want to have the full screen reading mode or the landscape reading mode, which I am afraid is lacking.

    Supported platforms:Series 80

    Download Rapid Reader

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    Default Re: Rapid Reader - Speed Up Reading On Mobile Phon

    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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