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Thread: CoPilot 7 - Satellite Navigation On Mobile Phone

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    candel CoPilot 7 - Satellite Navigation On Mobile Phone

    i - CoPilot 7 - Satellite Navigation On Mobile Phone

    It’s not a mobile game as the name may suggest but it’s actually a Symbian OS based mobile phone satellite navigation application. CoPilot 7 is developed by ALK and is some serious stuff for you mobile phone especially when you are so much into travelling.

    51 225x300 - CoPilot 7 - Satellite Navigation On Mobile Phone

    How the application works is quite simple, just insert the CD into your desktop and install the software from the CD into the memory card of the mobile phone. Insert the memory card back in the phone and you are all set to go. One thing here you need to take care is that the size of the memory card required depends upon the map package you will be using. For instance, for entire Europe, you will require a memory card of 2GB.

    Features of CoPilot 7:

    6 225x300 - CoPilot 7 - Satellite Navigation On Mobile Phone

    • The major improvement over the other navigation programs is the user interface and the menus which are stylish and also the irritating splash screen doesn’t appear for too long.
    • Care has been taken to keep the navigation screen as clean as possible and it also shows 9 options from which you can choose what is required by you.
    • CoPilot 7 provides the 2D and the 3D view. I personally like the 2D view as far as utility of the view is concernd. There is no doubt that the 3D view appeals to the eyes but the functionality provided by the top down 2D view is more.
    • The thing that really needs the attention of the developers is the long and noticeable gap between the audio instructions and this is very annoying when you are driving.

    It’s not all, there is a huge repository of information available on CoPilot 7 which you can read from this link.

    Read CoPilot 7 full text here.

    Supported platforms:S60 3rd Edition, UIQ 3

    Download CoPilot 7

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    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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