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Thread: PocketTwit - Free Twitter Application For Windows

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    candel PocketTwit - Free Twitter Application For Windows

    i - PocketTwit - Free Twitter Application For Windows

    PocketTwit is a windows mobile phone application which serves the same purpose as suggested by its name. Well, it won’t be that difficult to guess as to what this application is all about. It’s actually a tool which has become the latest buzz around the globe; it’s a twitter application for the windows mobile phones.

    32 - PocketTwit - Free Twitter Application For Windows

    According to me, I won’t recommend you, using it as this application is stuffed with lots of bugs and it evident from the fact that you may find it difficult to log in. moreover, the performance is also not quite upto the mark. It’s not just disappointment all the way; whats good is that this twitter application allows you to change the theme unlike most of the other applications.

    24 - PocketTwit - Free Twitter Application For Windows

    Features of PocketTwit:

    • First and the foremost is the user interface of the application which is very neat and carefully designed to inculcate as many details as possible without looking untidy. The screen will hold a huge amount of information and at the same time it does not look messy at all.
    • You can also configure multiple twitter accounts which mean that you can track as many twitter accounts as you want thereby providing more connectivity.
    • You can also know the location of the other users using this application on the map view and whats nice is that you can search for people on the basis of region also.
    • Besides the map view there is also another view called conversation view.
    • PocketTwit also alerts of when your friends are available, when they change their status or when you get a reply from them.
    • Another superb idea is the integration with, which lets you send the url of the messages which are beyond 140 characters. To know more about the working of, visit their site.

    Download PocketTwit

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    Default Re: PocketTwit - Free Twitter Application For Wind

    v nice
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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