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Thread: Password Protect Programs In Windows To Run

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    i - Password Protect Programs In Windows To Run

    Many of us share our computer with other users like our brother, sisters and friends etc. But we may not to allow them to run all the programs which we use.

    For Example: If some one uses firefox browser and his passwords remembered and his browsing history saved but he donít want to use any master password or clear up his browsing history just because some other person is going to use his computer, Rather he wants to protect firefox or any other program he use with a password.

    Empathy is a FREE program which lets you protect any of your windows program like Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other program installed on your computer.

    empathyprotectprograms thumb - Password Protect Programs In Windows To Run

    This program password protects any executable file on your computer, also creates a backup before locking an executable. So, if you want any program to password protect, just locate the executable file or exe of the program in Empathy, enter the password and click protect.

    Note: Empathy lets you use a single character as password to protect executables, but you know this not the other user who is trying to run those protected program in your absence.

    So, better use some special characters as password with Empathy to protect the programs executable. Although Empathy is free but it is a postcardware as you will need to send a picture post card to the program author writing any thing to get the full version and then you can have password with more than one character.

    One of another amazing feature of this program is that even if you move the executable from one computer to another you still cannot run it, this means you can also protect executable program with Empathy.

    Note: Empathy does not require any installation, it is portable program which you can place any where on your hard disk or pen drive.

    Download Empathy

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    thanks 4 shairng sheem
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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