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Thread: Amora - Control Your Laptop From Symbian Phone Via

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    candel Amora - Control Your Laptop From Symbian Phone Via

    i - Amora - Control Your Laptop From Symbian Phone Via

    Many times you must have thought of a mobile tool that can control your laptop or desktop when you are giving some important presentation. Well, if that’s the case then Amora is developed just for you. Amora is a freeware application developed for the Symbian S60 3rd edition phones. What you need to have as a pre requisite is a Bluetooth module in your laptop, desktop and mobile phone.

    26 - Amora - Control Your Laptop From Symbian Phone Via

    Imagine the day when you have had a rough day, tired and lyind down on your couch, listening to a soothing and relaxing music and certainly a head banging metal songs starts to beat the hell out of you. Getting up at the moment must be very difficult, but at the same time it also becomes very necessary to change the track. For all this and more, you need to have amora installed in your mobile phone.

    36 225x300 - Amora - Control Your Laptop From Symbian Phone Via

    Features of Amora:

    • Amora is really nice and a useful application. Just looking at the wide variety of functions performed by amora, it is rightly called as “amora” or “A Mobile Remote Assistant”.
    • With amora installed you can perform approximately all the functions as performed by the mouse thereby providing good functionality.
    • You can also perform the keyboard shortcuts like ESC, Enter, and Space or use the joystick to control the keyboard arrow keys.
    • Another best thing about this tiny little tool is that it also allows you take the screenshots of your desktop remotely from your mobile phone. It shows your pc screen on the active screen of your mobile phone and you can take the screen shot from there.

    As if now the application is available as a free download and can be downloaded from the link given below. There have been some issues reported regarding the connectivity of this application with Bluetooth dongle of pc. The connection makes and breaks. Frankly speaking I haven’t experienced any such issue up till now.
    Download Amora for Symbian

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    Default Re: Amora - Control Your Laptop From Symbian Phone

    nice sharing
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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