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Thread: Omniano - Play Piano On Windows Mobile

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    candel Omniano - Play Piano On Windows Mobile

    i - Omniano - Play Piano On Windows Mobile

    With the ever increasing features and the capabilities of the new age mobile phones or so called smartphones, more and more application are being developed that exploit their abilities. One such application is Omniano, which is a freeware and as the name suggests is an omnia application with which you can play piano on your omnia and other windows mobile handsets.

    25 - Omniano - Play Piano On Windows Mobile

    It is quite expected that the application resembles any iphone or ipod touch application but with a difference and the difference can be very well explained from the following list of features.

    34 - Omniano - Play Piano On Windows Mobile

    Features of Omniano:

    • The first and the foremost is the quick response time of the keys when you tap on them and this is very important since the essence of this application lies in quick response of the keyboard.
    • Due to the quick response, there is no chance that you will experience any sound delay.
    • You can also set your phone to vibrate when you tap a key but this will consume extra power and will quickly drain off your battery.
    • Omniano also has inherent intelligence to detect the motion of the phone and align accordingly with the screen mode may it be portrait or landscape.
    • Omniano also has inbuilt support for QVGA, WQVGA, WVGA support so that the application can work equally well on any of the screen resolutions.

    Well, just like a coin has two sides, Omniano also has its pros and cons. The application is in its beta stage so expecting it work very well in all the aspects will be very foolish. The application however is very good attempt but what needs to be improved is it vibration mode which vibrates like anything rather violently.

    Download Omniano

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