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Thread: New iphone 4G - The MAC Concept

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    candel New iphone 4G - The MAC Concept

    i - New iphone 4G - The MAC Concept

    Iphone has already been a huge hit among the crowd and they are simply loving it. But as they say, different mouths have different opinions. There are many people who don’t like iphone or they don’t use iphone, just because they say it doesn’t provide them with all the features they need. For all those people, there are rumors in the market about the all new iphone 4G concept to satisfy their needs and requirements.

    28 300x202 - New iphone 4G - The MAC Concept

    Click here for a magnified and clear image (1,600-pixel version)

    It is said that developers aim at integrating the entire mac book inside the iphone with whole new looks and tech specs. I will talk about the specifications later on but to comment on the proposed design, it’s really not upto the standards of apple, atleast from my point of view. The prominent rough edges, the square box like shape is something which I just cannot digest for an iphone. To add to the misery of the looks, the battery cover is also a huge disappointment.
    Features of iphone 4G:

    • It’s although nice to have a video recording player in the iphone but it’s just now required if it comes at the cost of looks. There is no point stealing the USP of the iphone.
    • The memory space has been increased to 32GB
    • It has a sturdy Titanium and Glass design with organic LED or OLED display.
    • The camera has also been upgraded to 3.2MP instead of the earlier 2MP which was also reasonably good. However the need of a flash light in the camera still remains according to the proposed model.
    • Apple will also be including the ichat camera on the front screen for video conferencing and other functions.

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    Default Re: New iphone 4G - The MAC Concept

    nice sharing
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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