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Thread: Beauty basic for summer

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    candel Beauty basic for summer

    by Tehmina Khaled

    2beauty1 - Beauty basic for summer

    Want to stay cool but look hot when the temperatureís hitting 40o Here are some smart suggestions that will help you pull it off.

    Go bare. We mean makeup. Summer makeup is minimal. People should be able to see your features and not makeup when you meet them. But if you really need to even out your skin tone, apply foundation with a damp sponge. It will go on smoothly and streaks wonít spoil the effect.

    Colour me beautiful. This summer, the best shades in makeup to accentuate your peeress are warm. A touch of bronze or coral seems to work perfectly well when you want just a hint of polish on your lids.

    Love your lashes. Less is more. Mascara is still a must for most gals, but use it with care. The purpose of this product is to darken/thicken the lash line, and not like Barbara Cartland. Spidery lashes are out. One coat should be enough.

    Think light. Instead of a heavy lipstick, opt for a lip gloss with a smidgen of colour. Nude lips look so much more natural. Colour with a pencil and then apply a layer of lip gloss.

    2beauty2 - Beauty basic for summer
    Eat for health. Ice creams, chips and snacks that we gorge on indoors (because itís too hot to go out) will pile on the calories. Invest in a simple skipping rope and hop on to great health.

    Protect your hands. While applying sunscreen to the rest of your body donít forget your hands. Ever notice those brown spots on some womenís hands? They are called age spots but perhaps they should be called canít-be-bothered-to-care spots. make a habit of using cotton gloves while driving in summers as the sun usually hits hard on car staring leaving you with ugly age spots.

    Get into a sleeveless dress. But make sure your arms are looking best. Everytime you take a shower, use a brush to exfoliate your arms. follow regular waxing routine ,you can even use bleach on your arms to give it fair look. A little attention, and you will be amazed at how good you feel.

    Chase away the blues. The extreme heat and humidity can throw us into the deepest of moods. Hereís a simple trick to put that contended smile back on your face. Believe it or not, working out will help. You will feel better after an hour of cardio and weights. And the positive mood seems to last for at least a few hours after you have finished your session.

    Stock up on fluids. Keep your refrigerator full of cool drinks and they neednít all be from a can. Think fruits juices, cold shushes and nimboo pani.

    2beauty3 - Beauty basic for summer
    Go for a walk. Choose a time that suits you best--enjoy the solitude of an early evening, or the freshness at 6am.

    Do things at different times. What ever you do, donít get yourself stuck in a rut. Change the order of your day. Youíd be surprised at how much better it makes you feel.

    Banish blockheads. Hereís a time-tested home remedy; Beat an egg white until stiff. Add one tsp honey and then apply to the affected area with a cotton swab. Leave for half an hour, then rinse with warm water. Really clear skin.

    Switch lotions. Hot weather means that your skin will need less moisture than it did in the winter. Add to that the humidity. So, it makes perfect sense to switch to a lighter moisturizer and keep your skin clear and blemish-free.

    Get a foot fetish. Keep your feet in top-notch shape by exfoliating regularly. Slough off dry skin and calluses, moisture to the max and treat yourself to a pedicure so that you can show off your feet in a pair of strappy sandals.

    Go on a liquid diet. You must know by now that water is the recipe for beautiful skin. Your body needs more H2o in the spring and summer because it needs to stay hydrated and also because you sweat so much. So, itís vital that you restore your fluids on a regular basis. Always keep a bottle of water handy in your car--- it should be ready to go when you are.

    A healthy tan is a myth. There is no such thing. Ideally, your goal should not be to get a suntan, but to protect your skin against the sunís dangerous UV rays so that you do not age prematurely. Wear a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 on all exposed areas of your body when you are outdoors. Donít forget the less obvious areas such as your lips, neck and the top of your hands where the sun can wreak havoc over time.

    2beauty4 - Beauty basic for summer
    Avoid pesky pests. Bugs and mosquitoes are common pests in the summer, particularly in the evening and early morning. When you go outdoors, especially weddings and parties at open air venues , use a bug repellent religiously to avoid any irritating, not to mention painful, bites and bumps.

    Make your own mask. Mix one tsp plain yogurt with the juice of 1/4 of an orange. Dip fingers in to the mixture and smoothen mixture all over face and neck. Leave on for five minutes and then rinse. The yogurt will cleanse and nourish. The orange is full of vitamin C and AHAs.

    Make your own sunburn lotion. You will need one chopped cucumber. 1/4 cup glycerine and 1/4 cup rose water. Squeeze the juice out of the cucumber with a lemon-squeezer. Mix with glycerine and rose-water. Store in the fridge.

    The pony tail is back! With its simple practically, getting ready for a casual or formal event is a snap when you wear a pony-tail.For any texture of hair, set high or low, whatís classic is now trendy. For a slightly imperfect, messed-up hairdo, try combing your hair back with your fingers first.

    Yell for streaks. +++y, feminine highlights never go out of style. Spring brings multi-tone highlights and lowlights for several shades of hair that add dimension and reflect the light.Go for it.

    2beauty5 - Beauty basic for summer
    Keep it short. When the temperature heats up, consider a new, shorter hairstyle that is easy to manage and keep clean. Start off with a professional cut and have it trimmed frequently to get rid of split ends.

    You can leave your hat on. The sun has an adverse effect on colour-treated hair, so when youíre outdoors, wear a hat or scarf to prevent your hair from dying out and your colour from fading. Alternatively, you can invest in an intensive leave-in-conditioner with sunscreen and use it for all those times when wearing a hat is not practical.

    Connect with nature. Decide on an area of your garden that appeals to you. Sit on the grass, your back as straight as possible, close your eyes and listen. Take slow, deep breaths and concentrate on the different sounds in your garden. You will feel instantly relaxed and very aware of yourself and the moment you have just experienced.

    Get over a rough patch. Suffering from scaly patches-- on your legs, elbows and feet--is a common problem most girls face, so deal with it! Use an exfoilating scrub twice a week, and smooth a heavy lotion over these problem areas once a day. Treat rough, mottles spots with a moisturizing cellulite serum for instant smoothing effects. Try skin revealing exfoliator.

    2beauty6 - Beauty basic for summer
    Try a new body wash. You are most likely to break out on your back, chest and upper arms in the summer, so switch to a body wash that contains salicyclic acid .

    Use a face wash. Summer usually finds you dealing with oily skin because heat tends to stimulate your sebaceous glands. Add to that sweat, dust and pollution and we are look at larger than life pores. But help is at hand when you use a good face wash regularly.

    Add accessories. Through the summer, less is definitely more, but that doesnít mean a little accessorising isnít needed now and then. When your outfit seems a little lacking, the right accessory can pull your look together perfectly. Always remember to stick with one piece of jewelleryb only: a funky cuff, hip hoop earrings, or a delicate necklace.

    Mask up. Donít forget to slap on a face mask once a week, to balance the PH of your skin, which will improve its texture

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    Nice for girls.

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