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    Krazzy 4

    2bollywood movie - Review: Krazzy 4
    Rakesh Roshan, the man who has made some realistic movies sure wasn't thinking logically when he decided to spend crores on this farcical attempt at comedy. The premise of Krazzy 4 is outdated to the core and the execution, substandard. Comedy's got to make you laugh effortlessly, but that very thing is missing in this so called comic flick!
    Crazy guys - Irrfan Khan, Suresh Menon, Rajpal Yadav, Arshad Warsi who suffer from various mental disorders are actually allowed to be taken for a therapy session by their star doctor (Juhi Chawla) in the institute. The journey turns weird when the good doctor gets kidnapped and it's up to the mad people to actually rescue her. They manage to find out that it's her hubby (Rajat Kapoor) who is involved in the crime. Things get easier for them when 'Mr. Angry' Arshad Warsi's ex-girlfriend Diya Mirza decides to help them.
    Everything is so very convenient, with no reason and logic at all! That's 'Krazzy 4' for you. There are far too many clichs to take the steam out of the movie. Writer Ashwini Dheer seems to have done a so so job, too. As for Irrfan Khan it's best that he stays away from such krazzy roles.
    And then there is SRK, in a forced item number. Rakhi Sawant gets another one of her usual item numbers. Hrithik Roshan's item comes much later, in the end credits. He looks stylish as usual. When the base is bad, no amount of toppings can help. A film maker of Rakesh Roshan's caliber should know that.
    The music by Rajesh Roshan is also not much to write home about. Krazzy 4 is a poor attempt at film-making especially from someone like Rakesh Roshan who has attempted superhero flicks!
    Rakesh Roshan is better off with the Koi Mil Gayas and the Krisshs. Comedy is a totally different ballgame guys!

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