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Thread: Remote - Control PC / Apple TV From iPhone

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    candel Remote - Control PC / Apple TV From iPhone

    i - Remote - Control PC / Apple TV From iPhone

    Remote is a free iphone or ipod touch application which lets you control your pc or apple TV from your iphone and ipod touch. What the application requires is a Wi-Fi network which also enables you to control your favorite music on your pc from quite some distance.

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    Well, just upgrade to iTunes 8 and Play, pause, skip, shuffle, see your songs, playlists, and album art. Create the playlists of the songs you want to hear in your iphone and the same will also work in pc over the Wi-Fi network.

    Features of remote:

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    • Secure setup: You will have a unique password for connecting your iphone with your pc over a Wi-Fi network which ensures security.
    • Intuitive controls: the controls are pretty much same as you would use while controlling music on your iphone. So this application really turns out be easy to use.
    • Search: Remote also provides the feature of searching through your entire iTunes music library. Once you have found the song, you can play it directly from the search window.
    • Controls Apple TV: it also provides you the control over apple TV so that you can play or resume apple TV from anywhere in the home. It’s like providing you with all the easy and convenience.
    • Controls Air Tunes: It can be quite possible that you want to selectively switch on or off your AirPort Express and Apple TV AirTunes speakers. This can be done easily OTA, as you can see the speakers on the screens of your iphone or ipod touch.
    For details regarding iTunes, you can visit the link given below.

    ITunes Features
    ITunes Tutorial
    Download Remote

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    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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