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Thread: Epocrates Rx - Handy Medicene Reference on iPhone

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    candel Epocrates Rx - Handy Medicene Reference on iPhone

    i - Epocrates Rx - Handy Medicene Reference on iPhone

    Epocrates Rx is a free iphone application which is developed for the clinicians across the world by using the knowledge of the best clinicians. What this application does is that it provides a handy drug reference. There no denying the fact that the application won’t be able to draw the interest of the masses and that is quite expected as it has been developed to cater specific section of people.

    22 - Epocrates Rx - Handy Medicene Reference on iPhone

    The best part about the application is that the database is continuously updating and it provides very important information such as dosing, interactions, pricing, adverse reactions, and images of each medication. Another thing that most the clinicians want to take care about is the drug interaction and this very issue is also taken care of Epocrates Rx.

    Features of Epocrates Rx:

    314 - Epocrates Rx - Handy Medicene Reference on iPhone

    • Improve patient care and safety
    • Pill ID: This feature lets you identify unknown drugs on the basis of the colour, physical characteristics and the code which is printed on the medicine.
    • There is no second thought that this application saves time when it matters the most.
    • It also enables you to take confident clinical decisions
    • This application also has inbuilt dozens of medical calculators which perform complex medical calculations. Examples of such medical calculators include Pregnancy Wheel and Basal Energy Expenditure.
    • The editors of the medical information of this application constantly provides new updates so that you can always keep yourself updated and the updates includes information on New drugs and interactions, New indications, Drug recalls, Medication safety updates from the FDA, CDC, ISMP, and AHRQ and Formulary status changes


    • Apple iPhone/iPod touch with OS 2.0 or 2.1
    • 8 MB + 20K per free health plan formulary selected
    • iTunes 8.0 is required to run OS 2.1

    Download Epocrates Rx

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    Default Re: Epocrates Rx - Handy Medicene Reference on iPh

    nice sharing
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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