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Thread: TypePad - Free Blogging Software For iPhone

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    candel TypePad - Free Blogging Software For iPhone

    i - TypePad - Free Blogging Software For iPhone

    If you are a blogger then you must be aware the tough work you need to put in to become a success. You also must know the number of hours you need to sit in front of a pc to take care about your various blogs. Do stuff that will keep your blog running well and server the purpose for which you started blogging. With TypePad you can update your blog, add or share photos and let your friends know when your blog is updated by automatically updating Twitter.

    222 300x66 - TypePad - Free Blogging Software For iPhone

    It’s like making your blog life very simple, easy which you can manage on the go. Utilize the power of iphone to blog immediately as you take your photos, you can either choose the camera photos or the already existing in the albums.

    316 - TypePad - Free Blogging Software For iPhone

    Features of TypePad:

    • Blogging from your iphone is as easy as Point, Click and Publish.
    • It’s not only simple blogging but you can do much more; you can also customize Your Design.
    • There are people who make blogs for personal satisfaction but some realize that they can do a business out of it. You can also make Money out of your blogs with proper knowledge and the effort. As they say, nothing comes free of cost.
    • Monitoring your blog is a very important aspect and for that you need to constantly Track Your Stats.
    • TypePad also lets you Block Spam (unwanted incoming messages) and Connect To Other Sites in a simple and easy to get acquaint way.
    • Not only you can add widgets and web pages to your blog but you can also build an online community and start sharing your thoughts and viewpoints with other people.

    You can get to download the free trail from the following and for any further information about the application you can refer to the homepage of TypePad.

    Download TypePad

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    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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