Interesting contests of rural Olympics held in Ludhiana

LUDHIANA: Interesting contests in traditional Olympics reflecting rural culture of eastern Punjab were held at the Qila Raipur Village near Ludhiana.

Spectators in a large number were thrilled and applauded the unique performance and dangerous display of various rural games by the sportsmen in the contests.

The competition consisted of 40 to 50 events and featured a wide variety of rural games from tug-of-war to horse races and cock fighting. But it was the unusual and dare devil stunts that were the biggest draw with the spectators - such as men run over by tractors and a 100 metre sprint for the over 75s.

Indian villagers have been holding their own version of the Olympics, which includes an event where participants are run over by tractors. Popularly known as the rural Olympics, the games are held every year in Qila Raipur, 11 miles from Ludhiana city in the northern Indian state of Punjab.

The annual rural olympic games at Qila Raipur Village near Ludhiana is an event that captivates sports lovers from across the country and abroad. Horse carts, tractors and dogs were also used in the Rural Olympics games.