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    candel The New York Times - Read New York Times On Your i

    i - The New York Times - Read New York Times On Your i

    The New York Times is an iphone application launched by New York Times to provide the readers with the ability to read all the newspaper content right on the iphone screen. I you belong to the category of people who generally don’t get time to read the newspaper early in the morning or due to their arduous job hours, then application will certainly turn out to be nice alternative for you.

    225 300x196 - The New York Times - Read New York Times On Your i

    What this application does is that it provides the offline reading capabilities so that you can download the content and read it whenever you get time. Moreover it also has a very nice photo browser which links the related articles. The best part about the application is that it is available as a free download so that everyone can enjoy the benefits. There is nothing better that you can ask if you are getting richer, more personalized experience and greater access to high-quality journalism whether you are on or offline.

    Features of The New York Times:

    318 - The New York Times - Read New York Times On Your i

    • Offline reading:
    This is according to me will turn out to become the USP of the application. You can access the time’s section anytime you want, just get online once to download the content and then you can view it later on whenever you want to.
    • Simple navigation:
    The navigation tool has been carefully planned keeping in mind the fact that people having less basic operating knowledge will be using the application. So stress has been laid to keep the interface simple and easy to understand.
    • Photo view:
    This application also provides a photo view mode with which you can browse the news in pictures and link to the related articles thereby automatically moving on to the related articles that you will like to study.

    Whenever you get across a Wi-Fi network, just download the contents and read them later on when you are free.

    Download The New York Times

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    Default Re: The New York Times - Read New York Times On Yo

    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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