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Thread: Shazam - Create and Share Music On Your iPhone

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    candel Shazam - Create and Share Music On Your iPhone

    i - Shazam - Create and Share Music On Your iPhone

    Shazam is an iphone application and I personally feel that it has it all to change the way people search and browse for their music from their phones. It’s not that the application is newly out of the stores, it’s been approximately three years since the first version of the shazam was released and since then there have been some significant improvements done.

    321 - Shazam - Create and Share Music On Your iPhone

    The concept is very simple; with shazam you can create and share music with anyone you want to. Not only this but you can identify music tracks, buy them, create tags and share them with friends. If you are looking for more then you can also learn more about artists and keeping adding them to your music collection.

    410 - Shazam - Create and Share Music On Your iPhone

    The database of the latest version of shazam is very huge and contains the digital audio prints of more than 5 million songs, so I don’t see any reason that you won’t find any information about the song you are looking for. You just need to record in the song for about 30 seconds and after the match is found, it sends a SMS to your phone containing the information about the song. Well as if know the iphone version of shazam is absolutely free, moreover you don’t need to pay anything for getting the identification of song. But it is not the case with other phones where you have to pay nearly $4 per month for unlimited usage.

    Features in brief:

    • Identify music anywhere
    • Buy music you hear
    • Share the experience
    • Watch the video
    • Personalize your tags
    • Learn more about the music
    • Sort your tags
    • Store pending tags

    Download Shazam

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    Default Re: Shazam - Create and Share Music On Your iPhone

    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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