Ramiz Raja: A kind of gloom has set in. The country is in a state of shock and mourning because everyone generally in Pakistan had the view that cricket will not be targeted by the terrorists or terrorism but we have been sadly proven wrong. This is a very tough period for Pakistan cricket. I thought, after Younis Khan got his triple-century, there was some good news that was making headlines from Pakistani headquarters. But it was short-lived. I don't know what will happen now. I guess time is the best healer and maybe we will be able to survive the attack as time passes on.
On whether this threatens Pakistan's chances of co-hosting the 2011 World Cup: I also think it will be very unfortunate if Pakistan is the only country that is targeted. I know that this is a horrific incident but let's not forget that the entire subcontinent is caught in this wave of madness and this unfortunate incident can be replicated anywhere else. In fact there have been examples in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and in India recently so no place is safe. Instead of arriving at a conclusion suddenly I think all the cricket authorities and the relevant parties involved in making this decision should step back a little and take some time and give Pakistan a little room as well. Maybe they can find a better solution than deleting Pakistan from hosting this prestigious tournament.
On what the future holds for Pakistan cricket and cricket in Pakistan: I think they [the Pakistan cricket authorities] have to have a strong voice and opinion at the world forum and at the ICC meetings because though it's an often repeated cliché that 'we ourselves are the targets and shouldn't be penalised' but it is a fact. Somehow or the other I think Pakistan needs to develop this thought at the world forum more convincingly. We need to have a re-look at the security of the teams and the players in involved in cricket in Pakistan. It will not be straightforward for Pakistan cricket to re-emerge after this tragedy. The only hope is that in the next 12 months or so things get better and we can sort our problems out here and that normalcy returns to our life. That is the only hope and wish and prayer. Pakistan - before this incident - was already in a very difficult situation regarding cricket and tours in Pakistan and it has got another solid hit. Our next home series is against New Zealand in December and we are still a few months away from that series. Pakistan cricket has been hurt quite badly by this incident but I am hoping against hope that some miracle happens in the next six months and we return to normalcy.