The ICC today announced details of the umpire and match referee appointments for the Super Six stage of the ICC Women’s World Cup 2009.

Brian Aldridge will take over the match referee’s responsibilities from David Jukes and will oversee matches at the North Sydney Oval.

The on-field umpires will be split between Steve Davis from the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires, Brian Jerling, Tony Hill and Tyron Wijewardena from the Emirates International Panel of ICC Umpires and umpires from the ICC Associate and Affiliate International Umpires’ Panel, East Asia-Pacific Regional Panel and domestic panel umpires from Australia and New Zealand.

Appointments for the final, third-fourth and fifth-sixth position play-offs will be announced in due course.

Mar 14– South Africa v Sri Lanka, seventh-eighth position play-off, North Sydney No.2 Oval – Jeff Brookes and Neil Harrison, Gerard Abood (third).

Mar 14– Australia v India, North Sydney Oval – Brian Aldridge (referee), Brian Jerling and Tony Hill, Sarika Prasad (third), Cathy Cross (fourth).

Mar 14– New Zealand v England, Bankstown – Shahul Hameed and Tyron Wijewardena, Mick Martell (third).

Mar 14– West Indies v Pakistan, Drummoyne – Andrew Craig and Lakani Oala, Tony Ward (third).

16 Mar– Australia v Pakistan, Bankstown – Neil Harrison and Tony Hill, Kathy Cross (third).

17 Mar– India v New Zealand, North Sydney Oval – Brian Aldridge (referee), Steve Davis, Shahul Hameed, Brian Jerling (third), Nickl (fourth).

17 Mar– England v West Indies, Drummoyne, Jeff Brookes and Sarika Prasad, Lakani Oala (third).

19 Mar– Australia v England, North Sydney Oval – Brian Aldridge (referee), Brian Jerling and Sarika Prasad, Neil Harrison (third), Graeme Redman (fourth).

19 Mar– India v West Indies, Bankstown – Kathy Cross and Tyron Wijewardena, Shahul Hameed (third).

19 Mar– New Zealand v Pakistan, Drummoyne – Steve Davis and Lakani Oala, Jeff Brookes (third).