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Tagggit, as the name suggests seems to be some tagging application and that is very much the case here. It’s actually a social networking application but what makes it unique is the concept that focuses on location based social networking. No matter where you go, if there is anything you want to share or remember for long just tag it.

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How often do you run in to hotels which are good, food places you want to remember and stuff like that. For all these purposes who just need to tag it. Tagggit allows you to tag a location immediately onto its website using the GPS coordinates.

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Features of Tagggit:

•*** As soon as you launch the application the first thing it does is look for the GPS coordinates and locks them for reference when you are tagging something and the whole procedure wont take more than few seconds.

•*** There is an enormous + icon on the screen which you need to tap on if you want to tag something. The procedure to that is very simple and self explanatory. Just try it once and it will be all clear. You can also add description and images if you want for future reference.

•*** The fact that provides tagggit an edge over the other networking applications is that Tagggit links the locations tagged to Google Map.

•*** Moreover tagggit also supports the contemporary 3G / WLAN network connection for accessing Google Maps.

It is very certain that its integration with google maps makes it a pretty useful application but at the same if there was integration with nokia maps also, it would have been great because then you can get the turn by turn direction navigation to a particular destination.

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