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You have bought an iphone, that’s alright but what is the use if you cannot utilize its full capabilities. But to do that you need to jailbreak your iphone. There are many tutorials available over the internet about how to jailbreak the iphone but have you ever wondered what extra would jailbreaking provide you. Below is the list of all the reasons that you possibly want to know as to why jailbreak an iphone.


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•*** Customization
With you jailbreaked iphone you can customize the whole look and feel of your phone. You can set themes, change layouts and style and have videos playing as your background
•*** Copy / Paste
The second reason being the fact that iphone has no inbuil copy paste feature and this can be really annoying especially when you want to copy messages or emails or even the URLs.
•*** Fix Apple’s bugs
Who said jailbreaking reduces performance but as a matter fact jailbreaking your iphone fixes some inherent bugs
•*** Broadband connection for your PC.
There is no iphone application in the appstore that allows you to have your iPhone as a modem. You can even use the VOIP feature with jailbreaked iphone. Do not compare with fringe as it also allows VOIP but only over wi-fi network.
•*** Added TVOut feature
I m quite sure that there is nothing in the appstore that provides TVOut feature but if you have jailbreaked your iphone then you can do that by using some third party applications.
•*** Take Control of Your System

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Jailbreaking reveals the true potential of your iphone as it can function as your pc and perform many of the complex functions. Try installing BSD unix subsystem and SSH and see what you can do.
•*** Video recorder for iPhone
another basic thing that lacks in iphone is video recording and there is no alternative to it unless you jailbreak your iphone and install 3rd party video recording applications.
•*** SMS capability
The biggest problem is with the sms feature of iphone. You can send a new message but there is no means by which you can forward the messages already in your iphone and that’s a pitty.