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There are not many applications left in the apple store that requires iphone to be jail broken. Initially there used to many applications but to stop the people from encouraging to jailbreak their iphone, those application were removed. One such application was NetShare that was the first approved tethering application, from the iPhone AppStore but later on it was withdrawn from the store.

imodembanner - iModem - Use iPhone EDGE / GPRS To Connect Your La

iModem offers tethering ability to iphone via USB. It’s not that iModem is the first application that connects iphone via internet through pc but all of those application works over Wi-Fi connection and requires a very complex set up procedure. However with this new release of application called iModem, the iphone can now connect to internet via USB through pc.

The tool is priced at $10 and requires Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32/64 bit. Since just like many other tethering applications this application also requires to jailbreak iphone, talks are going on whether to include this continue this application in the apple store or not.

Setup of iModem:

• Proxy-server:
Proxy port: 8080

• Install iModem on your pc and you are all set to go. If you want to use iModem from another pc then you need to install it on that pc also.

• For all the users who do not want to configure the proxy settings there is an alternative method also in which you need to Go to the settings, and enable redirect for all apps. This causes the entire network traffic to pass directly through iphone.

Download iModem