i - New Features In iPhone OS 3.0

Apple has finally decided to launch its new OS named iPhone OS 3.0 which aims at catering all the flaws or rather all the features that were missing in the previous version. There are more than 100 features that are going to be added in this version of OS and despite this huge list of features there are still many left behind that could not make it to the new iPhone OS 3.0.

iphone os3 - New Features In iPhone OS 3.0

New Features:

• Cut, copy & paste - the feature that was missed by most of the iphone users. With its dynamic range of operations, it is necessary for the iphone to include Cut, copy & paste.

• Tethering – the newer version of iphone OS will provided inbuilt tethering support so that people do not resort to jailbreaking their iphone.

• A2DP Stereo Bluetooth – one of the biggest drawbacks was the lack of Bluetooth but this version of the OS provides the option to pair iPhone to a stereo Bluetooth device.

• MMS – the previous message problem is also eliminated and now you can forward and delete multiple messages.

Other new features include:

• Spotlight
• Search in Mail, Calendar & iPod
• Auto-login for WiFi hotspots
• Landscape Keyboard
• New Calendar types
• Note syncing
• Autologin in Safari
• Shake to shuffle
• Parental control
• Enhanced App Store
• YouTube account support
• Form auto-fill
• New Stocks app
• Peer-to-peer connectivity over Bluetooth
• Turn-by-turn GPS information
• Push notification
• access VOIP via WiFi connection
• Audio recording
• streaming video

However there are some features that could not make it to the new OS which include:

• No background apps
• Lack of applications to manage and arrange your home screens
With this new development, apple has shown the concern towards their customers and also emphasized on the fact that customer satisfaction is supreme for them.