i - Instapaper - Save Web Pages To Read Later On iPhon

Iphone is very rapidly capturing the market and to compliment this fact the developers are developing huge number of applications to meet the demands of the users. Thanks to the open source community and a jailbreaked iphone, there is an application for almost anything you can imagine. One such application is Instapaper which is a free newspaper reader application.

instapaper app - Instapaper - Save Web Pages To Read Later On iPhon

Well, it will not be very surprising to say that the application is already a huge hit among the commuters and travelers who just do not get the time to read newspaper in the morning but have ample time when they are travelling. It’s the functionality of the application that makes it very useful as you are not dependent on internet connection to read the newspaper but what you need to do is just connect to the internet whenever you get time and download the newspaper and read it according to your convenience.

The application is so handy that consider the instance when you are surfing on the internet and reading some articles. But you want to save the article for future reference then you can do that by clicking on the Instapaper bookmark button to automatically save a text version of an article. There is also another very good feature in which you can also log onto http://www.t.com and type or paste in urls to view at a later time.

The free version is however worth downloading and giving a try before you buy the full version as it gives only access to limited features but the pro version costs around $9.99. there are certain features that are not available in the free version.

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