Pakistan outplay Russia in Jr. hockey tournament

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Junior Hockey Team outplayed Russia by 14-0 in the opening match of five-nation junior hockey tournament at Cairo, Egypt on Friday.

According to the information received from Egypt, Pakistan led 7-0 at halftime. Captain Abdul Haseem Khan and Muhammad Wasif Siddique scored hat tricks.

Abdul Haseem Khan scored the goals in 12th, 15th and 16th minutes, while Muhammad Wasif Siddique scored the hat trick in 32nd, 64th and 65th minutes on penalty corners.

Muhammad Attique scored two goals in 20th and 36th minutes via short corners.

Syed Adeel Hussain scored two goals in 24th and 38th minutes. Muhammad Rizwan got goals in 30th and 52nd minutes Yasir Shabbir and Muhammad Taufeeq banged home one goal each in 56th and 57th minutes respectively.

Pakistan team will play its second match against Ghana on March 23. The match will be played at 4pm (PST).