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With the power that the iphone platform has to offer, the developers are developing application for about everything. You put your requirement and there is an application already for it. One such category of applications is the social networking application. Due to the demand of the people for social networking applications, there is a flood of applications in this category and today’s application about which is talk about also belongs to the same category and is called Storyz.

storyz 01 - Storyz - Another Free Social Networking Applicatio

Well, to begin with Storyz is a free iphone application that allows the user to create new or add to existing topics. Ever thought of an application that can combine the features of a twitter application and the need of online discussion forum. Storyz is one such application that does the same. With this application you don’t need a pc anymore to make the required updates and now you can do all that on the fly.

Installing and getting use to the application is also going to be a very easy task. But when you launch the application for the first time you will be ask for an id and a password. Since it’s a free application you can register at the website of Storyz.com and once you are logged in with the id and the password you selected while registering you will see a home page of Storyz which is actually an inbox that displays the status of all the incoming messages as well as stories you’ve created and added to.

On the main screen there is a menu create through which you can create stories, add photos, add text, add images and description. The interface of the application is also very simple and quite functional. One thing I would like to add is that Storyz is not really a social networking application but a tool that allows you to communicate across social networks and across mobile and web.

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