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Thread: amAze GPS - Free GPS Navigation Application For No

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    candel amAze GPS - Free GPS Navigation Application For No

    i - amAze GPS - Free GPS Navigation Application For No

    This post basically caters to the GPS navigation system for Nokia N95. It’s not that this is the only GPS based navigation application for Nokia N95 but the other applications like Nokia Maps which are equally good or even a little better are not free but whats good about this application is that it comes free of cost.

    amaze3hj0 - amAze GPS - Free GPS Navigation Application For No

    By saying that the application is free it does not mean that you won’t have to shell out money but it will be very less as compared to Nokia Maps. You won’t have to pay the application but there is no way that you can get away without paying the data usage charges. This application not only provides the GPS based navigation system but it also provides extensive search possibilities along with support for voice navigation also. Nows that’s some features for a free application.


    •*** The application provides Visual as well as voice guidance to any destination
    •*** You can also search any location by its address or other parameters specified in the application.
    •*** You can also search and navigate to businesses area which is listed in yellow pages directories.
    •*** Present any required location on the map
    •*** You also have the option of using dynamic high quality maps at various scales
    •*** View and navigate over high resolution satellite images
    •*** There is nothing better than knowing the fastest way to reach between two locations
    •*** Saving and managing the personal favorites list was never that easy
    •*** It also supports 2 modes, Economy and full moving maps modes so that you can if you can limit the amount of data consumed.


    •*** Java-enabled mobile phone
    •*** Bluetooth connection

    Download amAze GPS via mobile

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    gud work
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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