ECB for making Test cricket colourful

LONDON: The England Wales Cricket Board is making efforts to make Test cricket colourful like One-day cricket and this is likely that the players will very soon be seen using coloured kit in Test matches.

The EWCB is making efforts to hold the first Test between England and Bangladesh, scheduled for next year at Lordís, in floodlights. Players will wear coloured kit instead of white dress in this match.

This match will commence at 2-30 pm and conclude at 9-00 pm and therefore the use of coloured kit is under-consideration.

The efforts by the EWCB to make Test cricket colourful are going on but the tradition-loving people of England are in favour of maintaining Test cricket in its traditional way.

The board is facing severe criticism from these tradition-loving people.

Dicky Bird, a popular umpire of the past, said that he has spent his whole life in cricket only and he thinks the dress for Test cricket cannot be better than white.