KARACHI: Pakistan has sent a two-man team to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to assess security arrangements for next month's series against Australia amid heightened safety demands, an official said Tuesday.

A brazen attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team bus in Lahore on March 3, in which seven players and their assistant coach were wounded, has raised security fears for global sporting events.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief operating officer Salim Altaf vowed to guarantee the best security for the Australian team.

"Since the March 3 attacks, there is a heightened security need for all sports in the world and hopefully we will finalise the best security in cooperation with the UAE government," Altaf told media.

Altaf said the two-man team will attend a presentation by the Dubai and Abu Dhabi police to finalise security arrangements.

"Police officials in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will give a presentation to our team and hopefully we finalise things in the next couple of days," he said.

Altaf refused to comment on Pakistani media reports that Australia had demanded accommodation in hotels close to the stadiums to minimise traveling time.

"We are in regular touch with the Australian officials and the arrangements will be the best," said Altaf.