i - PopOff - Play Random Pre Recorded Sounds On Your i

PopOff is a free iphone application which is a sound app. It will not be difficult to make out as to what this application is all about but for all those who want to know more, here it goes. The application is a repository of random sounds which you can play to create a little humour. I don’t know if you prefer your device for such functions as I would prefer an iphone to be a business and a gaming phone with bulk of entertainment so if you want to stand by that, a very simple way is to consider this application under the category of entertainment.

popoff - PopOff - Play Random Pre Recorded Sounds On Your i

Now what this application basically does is that it plays random pre recorded sounds. The sound quality is reasonably good and can be easily distinguished except some which are a little hard to make out. For instance the sound of a squirrel. I don’t know the actual reason for that, it could be that we get to hear the sound of squirrel less than others or probably there is flaw in the application itself. The application uses the touch of iphone to select the sound you want to hear and at the same time it also uses the shake control of iphone to get a new random menu of sounds.

Another very good thing about the application is that if ever you feel that the pre recorded sounds are not doing the trick for you, then you can always record your own sound by using the microphone or you can also create a new sound by mixing the pre installed sounds and create your own sound and save it with the name you want.

As compared to the paid application you get a less number of sounds to choose from. If you have an ipod touch then the recording feature is completely useless for you.

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