i - Exposure - Browse Your Flickr Images From iPhone
I cannot recall if there is any application that is available for windows and other platforms but not available for iphone. The power that iphone has to offer, the developers are working their hearts out to develop as much applications for iphone as possible. With the online picture storage and sharing becoming so popular that yahoo launched a service called flickr that simply thronged the internet community and it became famous to such an extent that people across the world use it now.

picture 7 - Exposure - Browse Your Flickr Images From iPhone

To take the trend from windows to iphone, Exposure is a free iphone application developed specifically for the same purpose. The service is very famous and easy to use on windows but it’s not the case with iphone, it can be really tricky right from the very beginning when you are installing the application you will be asked to give Flickr permission to access your account. At that instance make sure that you selected yes or you will not be available to access your entire flickr image galleries.

If you sail through that installation jitter, then rest is going to be easy for you. The application also provides various through which can browse through your image galleries which are better known as sets in the flickr language. You can try the search option to look for the image you want or there is other conventional method of going through the gallery sequentially.

Good things come at a cost but it’s not the case with Exposure but the statement is somewhat true also as you will have to bear the annoying ads in the application. The ads are actually a reminder of the fact you should upgrade to the full version and buy the license key.

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