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In this world of computers and mobile phone, internet plays an important role in keeping touch with the rest of the world. So if you are a big time internet user then there is every probability that you must be having many bookmarks. The application will prove more useful to you if you multiple OS, for instance windows and ubuntu. Moreover if you use multiple browsers, this application can still do the trick.

linksinablink iphone app - Links In a Blink - Import Bookmarks From FireFox T

Links In a Blink is a free iphone application that can basically import bookmarks from Mozilla firefox from windows and ubuntu platforms. Now if I say the application is a must to have or I say this is the best one around, it will be asking too much from Links In a Blink. But at the same time I must say that the application does what you want it to do but the problem is that it’s the maximum it can do. So there is no scope if you want more from it.

The application comes in handy when you use firefox as the primary web browser because if you use internet explorer of safari there is an easy way out to import the bookmark settings from browsers to iphone but there is no such direct way of importing bookmarks from firefox. For that purpose you need to have foxmarks extension that should be installed in your computer.

The glitch is that the application cannot edit or modify the bookmarks but if you are using multiple machines, the problem can be solved by using this simple tool. I think I should not go deep in the detail and let other features to be explored by you. So download the application and gauge if this is the one you were looking for.

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