i - SnapTell Explorer - Find Books At The Cheapest Pri
SnapTell Explorer is a free iphone application that will come in handy to especially the bookworms or more appropriately the people who love to read books. Don’t think that this application is some ebook reader but it’s something different. SnapTell Explorer will help you in finding the book you want at the cheapest price possible. The way this iphone application functions is quite intuitive and very innovative.

snaptell image recognition - SnapTell Explorer - Find Books At The Cheapest Pri

Suppose that you walk into a book store and zeroed in on a book that you want to buy but when you look at the price tag, you are forced to think that what if I could get this book for less amount. This is where SnapTell Explorer comes into picture and here comes the role on the new and unique idea of browsing for books you like online.

Take the picture of the cover page of the book you want to buy. Now send this image to the SnapTell servers and you will get a reply from the server which will indicate the names of different places online where you can buy the title and search for more information about it. It’s not that the application can only search for book titles online but you can also search for cds, dvds. Rather I should say that the application works well for almost all the images you will take. It will yield relevant results for almost all the images courtesy the image recognition and pattern matching technology it uses.

However if the image you take is glossy, I mean if there is some glare on the image or reflection from some source then the chances of a faithful result is decreased to a large extent. Moreover if the application does not find any results, it will quite abruptly without displaying the result not found notification. Now I don’t know if that’s a feature or a flaw.

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