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Thread: "gift of honesty from god"

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    wink "gift of honesty from god"

    There was once a man who had too many bad habits.
    One day he went to see a saint and asked him the way to leave all those bad habits.

    Like lying, drinking, gambling, stealing etc.

    Saint told him to promise to speak the truth always.

    He promised him and went home.

    The next day he wanted to go for robbery, but he thought that if anybody would ask him, where hes going he wont be able to lie as he has promised the saint & if hell say the truth then he would be sent to jail till he rots. And therefore he took off his mind from that.

    In the same way he stopped drinking, gambling etc. But since he was a thief & he had no other job, he was not able to fulfill his needs and so he decided to rob the King, thinking that if he could do it the last time,he would get enough money to live the rest of his life in peace.

    So in the middle of the night, he silently got up and went towards the king's palace to steal.

    Over there he searched for the valuables, after some searching he saw a small box with seven pearls in it.

    He took three pearls from that box and kept the box again on its place,with four pearls still inside, thinking that the pearls are so valuable that I will need only three of them, he left the castle & started to walk towards his home.

    In the dark he saw someone coming towards him, the man who was coming near him was the king in disguise. The king asked him that who he was? And what was he doing, in the dark night? The thief remembered his promise to say the truth always & said that

    I am a thief and went to steal from king's palace for the most valuable thing.

    The king asked him, so what did you steal from there?

    The thief replied,"I stole three pearls from the kings box."

    King asked, "How many pearls were there?"

    Thief said, "There were seven pearls there."

    King asked, "Why didnt you take all of them?"

    Thief said, "Three were enough for me to spend the rest of my life peacefully."

    Then they both went on their way.

    In the morning there was an alarm that something has been stolen from the palace.

    King called wazeer for inspection.

    Wazeer found that everything was safe, except The valuable pearls were stolen.

    Next day everybody was ordered to attend the meeting in the huge city ground.

    The thief was also present there.

    The king ordered that the thief should come in front of everybody.

    King asked him what he stole from the palace?

    He replied three pearls.

    King asked, how many pearls were there?"

    Thief said, there were seven pearls there."

    King asked, why didn't you take all of them?"

    He said, "Three were enough for the rest of my life."

    You said that you took three pearls, there was no pearl in the box, then where are the rest?

    Thief said, "Sir ask your wazeer about them.

    Wazeer was caught red handed in front of all and was ashamed for that.

    King said "from today onwards this man will be in wazeers place, and my wazeer will go to jail.

    Moral of the story:

    Always speak the Truth

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    Default Re: "gift of honesty from god"

    v nice story
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    Default Re: "gift of honesty from god"

    thnx 4 sharing /up

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    Default Re: "gift of honesty from god" wordz 4 dat..


    2m4ccw6 - "gift of honesty from god"


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