i - EveryTrail - Enjoy GPS Navigation Geotagging While
If you are a big time traveler and love to travel different places and share the photos of the locations with world then this application can be the one you are looking for. The application is based on very simple basic idea of exploiting iphone’s capabilities one them is its inbuilt GPS navigation system which features geotagging. Moreover it also uses the camera of iphone to take pictures of the places you have been to and share with the EveryTrail online community and friends.

everytrail1 - EveryTrail - Enjoy GPS Navigation Geotagging While

Getting hang of this application will take some time but not much. When you click any image, you can geotag the image and add your little text snippets along with it and upload over to the web so that you can share it with your friend or the EveryTrail community. The controls will take some time to get use to but at the same time I must say the interface is very intuitive and carefully laid down so that you don’t have to struggle much to get it going.

There is one thing that can be of some concern for most of the people and that is the battery consumption it does. If you want to use this application then make sure that you are full with the battery resource else you will have to watch black screen till the next time you charge it. However there are ways by which you can minimize the battery expenditure and it involves reducing the screen brightness to minimum level and switching off Wi-Fi and 3G wherever you can.

I am quite sure that you are going to like this application if you are a avid traveler or just love to roam around in new places.

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