i - iSafeCopy - Backup Contacts, Images, Videos or Sen

If you own an iphone then I am quite certain that you store most of your very important data in your iphone. The data may be contacts, images, videos or just messages or even the call history. These could be very important to you depending upon your work environment. For some call logs can be very important but at the same for others images and videos can be very important and as far as contacts are concerned these are important for almost all the people who use mobile phones.

1 - iSafeCopy - Backup Contacts, Images, Videos or Sen

Well, there is already a backup utility provided by apple itunes but there is very less chances that you have not jail broken your iphone and if in case you have done it then there will be many items that will not be backedup by the software so there will be huge amount of data loss but to rescue you from this situation there is a new iphone application that is available as a free download and is called iSafeCopy that you can download from the following link.

The application is however in its beta stage but you can give it try and see if this really works for sure. I am not being sure because I m quite uncertain about whether it works for everyone or not because I have received mixed user opinions about this. Using the application is also very simple and requires no tricky steps. Just follow the simple steps:

•*** download the application
•*** extract and launch iSafeCopy
•*** make sure you have OpenSSH installed

This is the list of the backup and restore services provided by this application:

•*** Cydia sources
•*** installed applications
•*** Winterboard Themes
•*** Address book
•*** SMS
•*** Notes
•*** iBlacklist Database
•*** Full Call History
•*** Calender data

Download iSafeCopy