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Thread: Advance Decive Lock for Mobile Phones

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    Default Advance Decive Lock for Mobile Phones

    Advcance Decive Lock for Mobile Phones With Complete Installation Steps.

    During Installation Please open my thread & read & follow da instructions carefully.

    First of all this hack wont work on new firmwares [os 9.3,fp2 phones].But it should work with all currently hackable firmwares. All other similar hacks are already present on dotsis but the point of my post is to provide you the fastest hack available for symbian OS. Just download the attached single file hacking kit by binpda and your phone is ready to be hacked in 2 mins. Even all the installserver.exe for all the phones are included in this single file. So no more moving the files here and there with xplore. No more certificate errors, no more expired certificates. Just install any file even if it is unsigned or says expired certificate.. During installation choose the install server correctly according to your phone.. As u see in the sceenshot, u have to choose 3 files.
    *Binpda Security Manager
    *Installserver.exe [according to ur fone]
    *capsoff driver [according to ur fone]

    Note: This hack is not for new FP2 devices like N96,N79,N85 or new firmwares like N95 v31 or N82 v21

    b2b0y47r3jzlyk68r8 - Advance Decive Lock for Mobile Phones
    myphp?imagedhillonhz4 - Advance Decive Lock for Mobile Phones

    Go to Applications > my own > nd u can c da icon oF Secman optn it now press green button for Options and Turn plat. secutiry ON & also press green button on Install Root Certificate

    After Installing dis wid da given instructions


    WebGate.Advanced.Dev ice.Locks.Pro

    What can ADL Pro do for you?
    ADL Pro protects important information and personal data on your phone. With ADL Pro you can restrict access to certain applications, protect sensitive information and delete it remotely in case your phone is lost or stolen.
    With ADL Pro you can rest assured that if your phone is lost or stolen, you will be notified of any unauthorized attempt to use it and trace it back. You can lock the phone remotely, switch on an alarm or delete your personal information by simply sending a text message with a predefined keyword.
    Application and Phone Locks
    ADL Pro allows you to lock your phone automatically by choosing one of the following options:

    * Always - each time the phone is turned on.
    * When SIM Changed - the locks are on if the SIM card of the phone is changed.
    * Automatic lock - an automatic lock is switched on after a specified period of inactivity.
    * Protect applications - this option turns on the device locks if someone tries to access the protected applications.

    Secure Storage
    ADL Pro comes with a password-protected secure storage where you can place your confidential files. Files can be recovered easily by entering a password. You can use the secure storage as a safe deposit box for all your confidential documents, pictures and/or audio/video files.
    SMS on SIM changed
    ADL Pro alerts you if the SIM card on your phone has been changed by sending a notification SMS to a predefined number. The IMSI number of the new SIM card will be secretly sent to your backup number without the notion of the unauthorized user and your mobile operator and local authorities can assist you to track the new user, and trace the phone.
    For backup number you can use the number of your backup phone or the number of your secretary, spouse, colleague or friend. If you have more than one SIM card and you wish to authorize them to use with your phone, you can do that by simply entering your pass-code once and the SIM card/s will be remembered for further usage.
    Remote Lock and Data Wipe
    Remote Lock is a combination of settings designed to protect the phone from theft and abuse. You can pre-select actions for ADL Pro in case an SMS with the keyword is received.
    Available options are:

    * Lock the phone
    * Switch on an alarm
    * Delete selected data

    By choosing the Delete option, you can remotely delete sensitive information from your phone, such as Contacts, SMS, Gallery, Calendar and Secure Storage to protect it from unauthorized usage. If this option is selected and remotely activated, your phone will send you an SMS with a confirmation request to prevent from accidental mistakes.
    Note: Don't forget to make regular full backup of your device.
    Already have ADL Pro? Latest release features:

    * New chic interface
    * Full compatibility with S60 touch-screen phones
    * Dynamic change of language from the application interface
    * Improved protection against malicious uninstall attempts

    Whats New :

    ver. 2.02

    * Support for S60 5th edition (touch-screen) devices (5800, N97)
    * New application user interface and icon
    * Support for dynamic change of language from the application interface
    * Improved protection against malicious uninstall attempts

    adlproanim5th - Advance Decive Lock for Mobile Phones

    m using it in my Nokia 6120 CLASSIC it safe , sound & rocking One click file hosting: Mobile HACKING KIT & ADVANCE DECIVE
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    2po8b3s - Advance Decive Lock for Mobile Phones

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    Default Re: Adcance Decive Lock for Mobile Phones

    thanks for sharing
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    Default Re: Advance Decive Lock for Mobile Phones

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