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When you have a blackberry, the need of having a video converter becomes quite inevitable. One such video converter that can meet the requirements of a blackberry application is called Agogo BlackBerry Video Converter which is available as a free download and you can download the application from the link given below.

agogo blackberry video converter - Download Agogo Free BlackBerry Video Converter

According to me Agogo BlackBerry Video Converter is more of a professional video conversion tool which you can use to convert the video files from one format to another without loosing much of details and information. With this application you can convert the video with maximum possible speed and with approximately the same picture quality as the original file.* Another good thing is that since of the most users are migrating to the more beautiful windows vista from xp, the application is also supported by windows vista.

The list of supported formats includes:

�*** AVI
�*** MP4
�*** MPEG
�*** WMV
�*** XviD
�*** H.264
�*** DAT
�*** MOV
�*** ASF
�*** *FLV, etc.

You can convert all the above listed video format into the blackberry avi format so that they can be played on your blackberry.
Moreover the software also allows you configure various option, some of them are given below:

�*** video crop
�*** movie trimming
�*** video effect adjustment
�*** set encoding parameters
�*** solution
�*** bit rate
�*** frame rate
�*** brightness
�*** saturation
�*** aspect ratio

Key features:

�*** There is an option to convert all the files you want into a target video format in a single go just like a batch process is done.

�*** You can also perform sound neutralization and at the same time crop, trim and modify or edit the current selection.

�*** You also have the option of capturing your favorite pictures from your Video, it can catch the* frame you want to and save to your computer

Download Agogo BlackBerry Video Converter