i - Remote S60 Professional - Control PC Via Nokia 530

You must have seen various application that provides the utility of controlling some of the features of your pc by your mobile phone but there are very less applications that provide the vice versa functionality so that you can control your mobile phone via your pc remotely. One such application is called Remote S60 Professional which is available as a free download and can be downloaded from the link given below.

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New Features:

�******** There was an earlier compatibility issue with nokia N96 but now in this latest version of Remote S60 Professional this problem has been removed.

�******** Another new feature has been included which is called overdrive that enables the rapid transmission of the mobile screen to the desktop so that you can enjoy quick response.

�******** To save the battery, there is an option to disable the screensaver running on mobile phone while the screen is shared so that no battery consumption is done while sharing the un necessary and useless stuff.

�******** Now you can also connect to multiple phone simultaneously and can access the screens of all the phone together with the enhances US support

�******** Moreover, getting the application registered is no more a pain which used to be earlier. Now you can conveniently register the software from Windows application.

�******** The best of all the new add on features is the support for touch screen.

It could be really useful when you want to do a lot of work on your mobile phone and it is always easy to use pc keyboard than mobile phone keypad to do lots of work. This could save time and effort.

Download Remote S60 Professional